Forensic Audit

Forensic Audit is an examination and evaluation of a firm’s or a business owner’s financial operation for the purpose of using the information gathered as evidence in court. Forensic audits can be done internally with the help of an institution’s auditors and it can also be carried out by private companies in order to establish a complete view of an entity’s finances.

What is Forensic Audit

Forensic audit is sometimes compared with a Financial Audit. This is because both forensic audit and financial audit involve careful examination of financial records. The only difference between the two is that forensic audits require analysis of financial transactions for use in court cases to while financial audit is basically undertaken to give regulators, investors, directors and managers reasonable assurance that an entity’s financial statements are accurate.

The report of a forensic auditor must be complete and well-documented as it needs to meet the standards of presentation before a court of law. The forensic auditor needs to supply the evidences relating to which case is being investigated, whether it is for fraud, embezzlement or conflict of interest. On the other hand, a financial audit report has statements and notes about the auditors’ findings and whether the financial statements of the company are fair and accurate.


When Is Forensic Audit Undertaken?

  • To prosecute a party for fraud

  • To investigate possible embezzlement

  • To investigate any kinds of financial claims

  • To determine tax liability

  • To investigate a spouse during divorce proceedings

  • To investigate allegations of bribery and extortions

  • To investigate conflict of interest

EAPAC’s Forensic Auditors

Enterprise Assurance PAC has a team of professionals who are experts in criminology and accounting. Our team is highly trained and skilled to follow money trail, keep track of balance sheets and point out inaccuracies in income or expenditures. Apart from that, our team has conducted forensic audits numerous times, making our staff knowledgeable and reliable in providing expert testimony during trial proceedings.

We make sure to protect our clients’ businesses the way that we protect ours, and this is why we take time to listen to business owners about their business concerns. Our expert accountants do not only undertake the audit for the sake of preparing reports but to eventually figure out where the business is headed to. We treat each client as a business partner whose business interests must be protected at all times.

As EAPAC strives to help each business owner that seek our services, we also face lots of challenges. But these challenges are only meant to be overcome, and our promise is to help each client overcome their financial difficulties. Are you interested to know more? Speak with our expert auditors now!

 Fast Turn Around Time

We can incorporate your company within one to two days provided you have submitted complete requirements.

 Open Communication

We will guide you in the company set up and you will receive expert advice should you have other business ideas or requirements. Our phone lines are always open if you have questions regarding the registration of your company in Singapore. We’ll also notify you if the incorporation process will take more time or if ACRA will require additional documents.

 Reasonable Fees

EAPAC understands that each individual has different needs and financial capability, that’s why we’re offering flexible payment schemes and tailored payment plans.

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